Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Laguna's Dirt Fondo Challenge

The Dirt Fondo Invitation Flyer

Learning to bike ride safely and competently on off-road open space encourages kids to learn riding skills free of highway traffic and danger from motor vehicles on PCH and Laguna Canyon Road.  MounTain Biking in Laguna is a great way to stay off the highways and avoid cars altogether.  The Dirt Fondo is a MTB ride fund-raiser to support the LB Interscholastic Mountain Bike Team to hire certified coaches from  National Interscholastic Cycling Association to teach safe riding techniques, trail safety and fitness. IMBT is working with Orange County Parks and the Laguna Canyon Foundation to teach trail sustainability, IMBA trail use rules and maintenance. Riders are taught IMBA Rules of the Trail such as respecting road closures, leave no trace, yield to others and never scare wildlife.

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