Monday, November 16, 2015

Pay When You Play at CAR2GO


Ping it
Take it
Drive it
Park it

Munich has BMW's DriveNOW, in Paris it's Autolib, Pittsburgh has Zipcar, in Oakland it's City CarShare, Palo Alto has Zipcar, in San Diego it's CAR2GO. Worldwide you can find car-shares in 1000 cities but what about Laguna?

Laguna's new mobility plan

CAR2GO is available around the clock. Find one with your Car2Go App (there are no storage depots) or reserve one 30 minutes before your departure. You pay only when you use it there's no monthly fee or subscription. Pay when you play and Parking is included. Read the San Diego parking FAQ's here.  Sign-up for your membership from any smartphone. A one-time $35 fee gets you started so find-out how it works at CAR2GO            -LS

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