Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Get-Moving OC Forum Results

South OC Traffic delay will grow 167% by 2035
Get-Moving South Orange County Public Forum 20 June. Speaking to a full room in the Community Chamber of the Laguna Niguel Civic Center, five guest speakers shared their 25-year vision for the transportation system of South Orange County. Sponsored by TCA the Transportation Corridor Agency, and SCAG the South Orange County Association of Governments these are some highlights of the speaker's comments.


OCTA Forecasts to 2035

  • OC is still growing
  • Population growth: 400,000
  • Job growth: 300,000
  • Increase in traffic delay: 167%
  • Revenue available Measure M: $36 Billion 

South OC Transport Problems

  • South OC transportation grid deteriorates heading south
  • Do nothing: expect traffic delay increase 243%
  • Freeway bottlenecks need innovative solutions
  • How to serve more building in suburbia

Transportation Improvements Planned

  • 176,000 hours new bus-service
  • 20 new Metro Trains
  • 650 miles of bikeways
  • 450 vanpools and station vans
  • $9.5 Billion for arterials and local roads
  • 820 new arterial freeway lane mile
  • 206 carpool lane miles
  • 236 tollway lane miles

Speakers Comments

  • Increasing transport capacity is not a crime but ....
  • ... you cannot build your way (auto infrastructure) out of congestion.
  • Use multiple modes: develop them
  • Underfunding: gas tax 1960 -18 cents, gas tax today -18 cents 
  • Change to usage based gas tax
  • Need $260 Billion to bring infrastructure up to par
  • Need $556 Billion to build capacity
  • Need to build smart capacity, OCTA is talking to Uber

More Information

Read the SCAG RTP/SCP Sustainable Development Plan here. sample readings:
     Chapter 2 Were we are today
     Chapter 5  The road to greater mobility and sustainable growth
     Chapter 6  Paying for the plan

To watch the live stream video again go to Get-Moving OC here. Next TCA public forum: September

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