Saturday, June 11, 2016

Road Diet Options for Laguna Beach

As Laguna considers major changes to road design for Laguna Canyon Road, Temple Hills Drive and Forest Avenue, these videos explain Road Diets and the value-added benefit when implementing them.

"Road Diets serve those that shop here, work here, do business here, live here, rather than privilege those who would simply drive through here fast." -Charles Gandy, Mobility Coordinator, City Long Beach

Here's a conversation between crash dummies about road-diets.

"Who would go out with you, you Dummy!"

Road Diets are applicable to Laguna's current roadway projects under evaluation today. Here are before and after views how road-diets are accomplished.

Value added benefit of Road Diets (coined 1996):
  • Where implemented property values go up
  • Businesses improve after road-diet. - Dan Burden
  • Allows the street to be used more efficiently
  • Cost efficient $50k per mile
  • One traffic signal costs $300-400k.  - Mike Sallaberry, Trans Engineer, SF MTA

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