Sunday, July 31, 2016

Consultant Assesment Downtown Specific Pan

DSP Five Gateway Opportunities, click to enlarge

  • The Laguna Beach Independent  "The First Try at Downtown Update Misses the Mark." Independent article here.
  • Draft Downtown Framework, Task 2.13, MIG Consultants, July 2016  here
  • MIG Consultants Task List here.

What MIG offers us in the Draft Framework:
  • 5 locations as Gateway Opportunities for development (p3,14,15)
  • Parking Structures: Las Brisas, V Entrance, NE Broadway&PCH, Act V
  • Pedestrian Scrambles
  • Parklets on Forest Ave
  • Bike friendly Ocean Ave, 100 yards of bike access
  • Way-finding signs to parking lots
  • Pedestrian chicken-strips at Cliff and PCH
  • Pedestrians are traffic calming devices, Forest & PCH!
  • Permeable multi-use path for the Village Entrance
  • Re-purpose downtown alley(s)
  • Specific street improvements follow:
  • Forest Avenue: "Amplify the existing streetscape amenities"  
  • Ocean Avenue: Modify as bike-friendly street
  • Broadway: Visually connect downtown to Main Beach via plazas
  • Move transit station out of town
  • Bike and Ped access for Broadway not recommended
Will Laguna build a banana peeler?

  What MIG forgot:
  • Autonomous cars
  • Car Share
  • Bike Share
  • Bikeracks
  • Transit stops at Gateways
  • OCTA Regional Corridor
  • Lightrail terminal plan
  • Embellish the existing Transit Station
  • Pedestrian Zones
  • No Pocket Parks see Parklets
  • Modified, In Lieu or relaxed parking requirements
  • Substitute beach transit for parking spaces to satisfy Coastal Commission


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