Monday, August 15, 2016

LCR Planning Study

Task 2.14 Deliverable from MIG Consulting
Latest deliverables for the Laguna Canyon Planning Study from MIG Consulting, 66 pages condensed to bullet form on mobility planning (traffic) measures:
  • Task 1.6 Deliverable Review of Existing Documents and Site Conditions, Opportunities and Constraints Memo, Stakeholder Interviews Summary and Community Workshop Input Summary (document here)
  • Task 2.14 Draft Report of Initial Recommendations(document here)
Here are some confounding excerpts related to streets, traffic management, and adopting Complete Streets Policy for the Laguna Canyon community.

Task 1.6 is a review summary:
  • The Laguna Beach General Plan (1999) includes policies and actions to set a vision and guide growth in Laguna Beach. 
  • Minimize the impact of the automobile on the character of Laguna Beach and emphasize a pedestrian-oriented environment, safe sidewalks, landscaped buffer zones, and alternate means of transportation.
  • The circulation element also acknowledges the reality that "each increase in the provision for private motor vehicle use is usually made at the expense" of other road users. 
  • Understanding that its circulation system is "already in place with little land left for development".
  • Opportunities for new or expanded roadways are severely constrained by topographic constraints.
  • Expansion of existing roadways will provide only temporary improvement of congestion and traffic ... innovative techniques will need to be developed to
    effect permanent improvements.
  • City Complete Streets Plan (2015): LCR capacity capacity is 40,000 vehicles (cars) per day south of Canyon Acres Road and 20,000 north of Canyon Acres Road, measured traffic is 36,000 south of Canyon Acres Road and 37,500 north of Canyon Acres Road.
  • Several existing General Plan policies are found to be incompatible with the goals for complete streets. According to the (Complete Streets) plan, the best way to enhance mobility in the City is to optimize existing, and develop new infrastructure that will give residents, employees, and visitors the option to opt out of driving their vehicle through Laguna Beach, and instead bike, walk or utilize transit.
Task 2.14 are recommendations:
  • Install a soft surface pedestrian path on the east side of Laguna Canyon Road. (east is ambiguous depending on map you read in 2.14).
    Consider alternatives to the existing pedestrian crossing at Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) (change pedestrian crossing or install bridge).
  • Identify a specific approval process for new development in Laguna Canyon Annexation Area Specific Plan. Consider consolidating design guidelines for Laguna Canyon found in other planning (existing) documents into the Plan.
  • Require a City approved master plan from LCAD and Anneliese School.
  • Use natural landscaping to restore the natural look and as a "screening tool" to hide off-street parking and parked automobiles.
  • The Canyon Road Task Force showed moderate support for design alternatives E and G  but the consultant made no recommendation for any of the alternatives A-F studied.

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