Friday, August 19, 2016

3-D Tools for Street Visualization
4-Ways to Road Diet (click here)
Here are some design tools from Cupola Media useful for visualizing roadway designs before mistakes are made during installation. As Laguna rethinks the purpose of public parkletts consider these tools for active street design, before the next Parklett Rodeo kick-off in Laguna Beach.

Animation I shows 4-ways to reduce traffic congestion with a road diet. Two of these are directly applicable
to Laguna Canyon Road and
Temple Hills Drive.
Street Design brought to life in 3-D Animation
3-D Animation of Hailey Idaho, (click here)
Annimation II shows different roadway interventions for traffic calming techniques. The entire process is put in motion, the pedestrians cyclists and vehicles move, different cameras are chosen and move along the roadway. You apply all these elements to the scene in Animation III.
Here's the awesome part, this is where you design the roadway yourself. In Animation III  you choose the roadway elements, choose different cameras, and set the entire scene in motion with simple mouse clicks. Try it! Click on the animation to participate in a full-screen experience. You Drive!

What if Laguna Beach made animations of Forest Avenue, Laguna Canon Road, PCH?

All this is made possible with the collaborative genius of Jeff Speck, Spencer Boomhower and Unity WebGL technologies at Cupola Media.


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