Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Caltrans New Bike & Ped Master Plan

California now has one, issued by the Cal Department of Transportation (Caltrans)  in May 2017 get it here.

Visit the California Bike and Pedestrian Webpage here.

The plan sets these ambitious targets:
  1. Double walking, triple bicycling, and double transit by 2020
  2. Reduce bicycle and pedestrian fatalities by ten percent per year
  3. Increase the number of Complete Streets projects by 20%
The Caltrans plan should impact South Coast Highway and Laguna Canyon Road directly.

Laguna Beach has no Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan (BPMP), Laguna residents provided a draft plan SEVEN YEARS ago but it was never considered. Neighboring beach cities adopted theirs, see San Clemente's BPMP here, the approved Newport Beach BPMP here.


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