Monday, May 15, 2017

Streets As Art Part I

Planitizen: "The space per capita devoted to cars exceeds the space devoted to inhabitants."

Brookings: "America’s vehicle population has been increasing even faster than its human population ... For the time being, the only relief for traffic-plagued commuters is a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle with a well-equipped stereo system, a hands-free telephone, and a daily commute with someone they like."

"Congestion has become part of commuter's daily leisure time, and it promises to stay that way. "

The Laguna Beach "Village Entrance"
Laguna's policy makers may choose to adopt this outcome from experts, or strive for better urban land planning than the inevitable because "it promises to stay that way."

Whether expert's land use models are right or wrong, the urban space devoted to public art competes with the public space for roads and infrastructure. Here's how public art copes in other cities around the world. (Click to enlarge)

Street Art

Street Illusions






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