Friday, September 22, 2017

Bike Freeways in Germany

Muhlheim an Der Ruhr or Old Laguna Canyon Road
Duisheim to Hamm 62km long connects 10 cities
To remove drivers from cars Germany is building bicycle highways exclusively for bike use. The bicycle Autobahn connects cities following abandoned rail routes and expanses in Germany's Rust Belt.  A 6-foot wide pedestrian path runs alongside but is separated by a grassy median to prevent people or their dogs from straying into the bicycle lane.

The first 5-km stretch of the Duisheim bike Autobahn is open, 62-km when finished the Bikebahn will remove 50,000 cars from roads each day (study). On the Mulheim route stop at Radmosphere - a bicycle cafe for cyclists.

"Building highways in cities is a life-threatening recipe from the 1960s," ADAC manager Stork. "No one wants more cars in cities."

ALTAIR Irvine holds their Grand Opening 30 September 2017, 27 Model Homes, 10 new neighborhoods. Guess where they drive to the beach? So what will Laguna Beach do, approve Get-Moving toll roads and parking garages, or alternative transportation?

Remember: "Build it and they will come"  Let's build smart    -LS

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