Sunday, October 1, 2017

Downtown Specific Plan Update

VE showing reduced vehicular access, pedestrian crossing, 200-yard multiuse path
On October 4 the LB Planning Commission will hear updates to the LB Downtown Specific Plan and design recommendations affecting the Village Entrance and Laguna Canyon corridor presented by MIG Consulting.

Accompanying map for MIG Recommendations

 Highlights of design recommendations concerning vehicular circulation in Task 2.7 DOWNTOWN PARKING MANAGEMENT PLAN AND VILLAGE ENTRANCE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR VEHICULAR, BICYCLE AND PEDESTRIAN CIRCULATION (starting on page 52 of agenda bill) are:
  • Construct a pedestrian walkway from Canyon Acres Drive to Act V (west side)
  • Complete pedestrian walkway from 2 to 4 (figure)(east side)(corrected)
  • Complete a Class 1 "bike facility" from Canyon Acres to 2 (east side)
  • A multi-use pedestrian path will complement the Class 1 "bike facility"
  • Reduce vehicle access to Forest Ave Parking Lot from two to one
  • Reducing vehicle access improves bicycle and pedestrian safety
  • LCR Task Force did not choose a roadway configuration preference (huh?)
  • MIG does not recommend a roadway configuration (of 5 alternatives)
  • MIG recommends a street tree pallet
  • Develop a four-foot permiable shoulder and stormwater swale
  • Improve signal timing at the LCAD pedestrian crosswalk
  • Install a way-finding program to promote Civic Art District branding
  • Eliminate uncontrolled pedestrian crossings (at LCR)
  • Create innovative solution for increased northbound vehicle volume
These design recommendations were denied:
  • No transit hub
  • No support for transit
  • No support for rail 
  • No compliance with Caltrans Department Directive 64
  • No compliance with Complete Streets Policy 
The plan submitted does not conform to a balanced mobility plan, it remains car-centric and guarantees more auto congestion due to inland community growth.  The DSP ensures the Village Entrance remains a parking lot.

Find the full 68 page Planning Commission agenda bill here. 


MIG specifies east and west using Laguna Canyon Road Hwy 133 as a reference running north and south bound. This adds confusion since areal views show the 133 highway also oriented east and west.

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