Sunday, October 29, 2017

Trend in LB Traffic Collision Safety Rankings

For the latest data available (2014) these are the highway safety rankings determined from traffic collisions resulting in  injury and fatalities for Laguna Beach and its neighbor Dana Point (ranking system explained previously here).  Notice that Laguna ranks far worse than Dana Point despite being neighbors and South Coast Highway common to both.  From the California Office of Traffic Safety.

The next charts compare the contributors to traffic collisions for Dana Point and Laguna Beach, Laguna again ranks worse than Dana Point.

These charts show collision safety rankings and subsequent arrest when alcohol is involved, comparing Dana Point to Laguna Beach (updated).

These charts determine that:
  • Laguna's safety ranking is worse than Dana Point in all categories.
  • Laguna remains near the bottom in highway safety rankings for similar Cal cities.
  • The trend in Laguna's safety ranking is not improving since 2009
  • The trend in Dana Point safety ranking is declining since 2009 
  • Alcohol is a major contributor to fatality and injury related collisions.
  • High vehicle speed is a major contributor to fatality and injury related collisions. 
  • Driver impairment by any means leads to a decline in roadway safety.
  • January 1 recreational pot (Kif Kat edibles) will be legal in California. 
How about a hands-free Kush Cake Pop, sure thing for California roads.

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