Thursday, March 15, 2012

Complete Streets good for business, a case study

Valencia Street, San Francisco
For this study, twenty-seven merchants located in the Mission District of San Francisco were interviewed about the impact Valencia Street bicycle lanes had on their businesses. Five years after construction sixty-six percent of the merchants believe that the bike lanes have had a generally positive impact on their business and/or sales, and the same percentage would support more traffic calming on Valencia Street.

General Impact on Business and Sales
• Better 66%
• No Effect 4%
• Balanced 0%
• Don’t Know 30%

Supportive of more Traffic Calming Measures
• Better 66%
• No Effect 0%
• Balanced 0%
• Don’t Know 34%

Ms. Emily Drennen, 2003, or 415/863-2248
Lodi, California

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