Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Driving Menace gets 4 years for death of cyclist

Prosecutors say she drank at her workplace, Zinc Café in Corona del Mar, on Feb. 21 and got behind the wheel of her 2008 Volkswagen Jetta.
Miller was driving eastbound on San Joaquin Hills Road, while sending and receiving text messages on her cellphone, Deputy District Attorney Nancy Hayashida said.  Britel was riding eastbound, near Spyglass Road. Miller struck Britel from behind. She had been texting prior to the crash, her attorney said.  Miller, whose blood alcohol content was 0.10 after the accident, had received several traffic citations, including five for speeding and two for using a cellphone while driving.

"I no longer have my coach, my training partner and my friend," said Jennifer Angell.  Angell said she hopes the outcome of the case makes the roads safer.

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  1. Typical Typical. Wishing on a technical solution to fix a behavioural problem. No amount of prior warnings, citations or road safety design will spare us from a road menace like this. If you see a drunk, don't let them drive.