Sunday, March 4, 2012

Newport Beach Bike Safety Meeting Monday 5 March

The city of Newport Beach is holding their regular Bike Safety Committee meeting on Monday March 5th. Chaired by Mayor Nancy Gardner the committee will formally discuss bicycle safety in Newport Beach, here is a partial agenda.

4. Report on Committee Priority Projects/Efforts
a. Adding Bike Racks
b. Improving Critical Intersections
c. Improving Safety around Schools
d. Community Education (Signage, Maps, Other)
e. Safety Update - Police
5. Discussion: How can the committee

Unlike the city of Laguna Beach, Newport is serious about bicycle safety and the bicycle mode of Complete Streets Policy.  See the city issued agenda here.


  1. I'm looking forward to contributing, and sharing ideas with LB.

  2. Some notes from the meeting:
    1) NB Council recommends keep narrow focus on specific infrastructure projects
    2) Bike Racks: Get recommended locations from Bike Safety Committee
    3) Critical Intersections: Feedback bike lanes are working well
    4) School Safety: future plan to re-stripe Irvine Avenue
    5) Bike Map: NB city considering a bike map APP for smart phones
    6) Bike Map: assignment, go on-line and comment on city bike map
    7) Bike Map: Google can give directions for route home while underway
    8) PCH Sharrows: feedback from business is positive
    9) Sharrows: sharrows are a good tool for bike-driver communication
    10)Sharrows: reduce wrong-way riders, reduces car-door collisions
    11) Sharrows: legislation treats as traffic control device
    12) Cyclist Death: drivers gets 4 years for death of cyclist Newport Coast