Monday, May 13, 2013

Pledge Bike-To-Work and Win

 The Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA bus) reminds us it's Bike-to-Work Month, a couple of events mark the season. May 16 is Bike-to-Work Day and rides on Metrolink are FREE to anyone riding a bike, see details here.

Pledge to ride your bike to work this month and win a FREE bike or commuter bags and bike gear. OCTA is planning bike-routes throughout Orange County and they want to learn more about you. Entering your pledge to ride helps OCTA understand how to plan for more bike-routes and connections. Take the 3 minute pledge here.

OCTA reminds us the Metroliner and the bus can accommodate small folding bikes, simply roll your folding bike to your seat and stow it there.
OCTA supports bicycle transportation as a viable commute alternative to driving as well as an enjoyable recreational activity.
For this reason, the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) adopted a Commuter Bikeways Strategic Plan (CBSP) which includes Laguna Beach. The CBSP shows the mode share of cycling in Laugna Beach is 1.3% while single occupancy private OC automobiles is 77%. Laguna's traffic solution should be obvious. 

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