Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The OCTA Partnership to Ease Laguna Traffic

CBSP (2000 Census Data)
Here is a graphic reminder of why we encounter car traffic. The graph shows the mode share from 5 modes of mobility in Orange County where the total contribution from cars is saturated at 90%, the contribution from bicycles is only 1%. In Laguna Beach the mode share from bicycles is 1.3%. Nationally PeopleForBikes estimates that 50% of car trips are 3 miles in length or less, 40% are 2 miles, 24% are 1 mile, all these trips are easily reached by bicycle. Since Laguna Beach is 7 miles in length, potentially half of all car trips could be replaced by bike-trips for middle-city dwellers.

CBSP Laguna Bikeways (trick question)
Fortunately the Orange County Transit Authority is aware of the congested mode share from automobiles, so they offer a partnership with 35 OC cities (Laguna included) to participate in their Bicycle Corridor Improvement Program to build cycling infrastructure around Orange County. The  Commuter Bikeways Strategic Plan (CBSP) was developed to encourage the enhancement of Orange County’s regional bikeways network in order to make bicycle commuting a more viable and attractive travel option. The bikeways network is expansive covering all of Orange County, the routes planned are catalogued by city in the CBSP. OCTA established roles and responsibilities to implement the CBSP in their OCTA Bikeways Action Plan used to provide funding and promote bikeways in city's planning documents. 

OCTA has made it attractive for cities to acquire funding for their bikeways improvement project. The Bicycle Corridor Improvement (BCI) Program 2012 Call for Projects is a $9 million bicycle program available to local Orange County agencies. The BCI funding is allocated from federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funds. See the management overview in a Worshop Presentation here. For a quick overview of the BCI consult their FAQ sheet here. Guidelines for the application process are available here.

To reach OCTA contact Wes Parsel,  Marketing Coordinator,  (714) 560 5329. -LS

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