Saturday, November 16, 2013

After the Village Entrance, NOW WHAT?

TED talk video (14:02 minutes): The Commissioner, Department of Transportation, New York City, Janette Sadik-Khan (summary below)

As Laguna Beach city leadership re-assesses their urban planning mission following the defeat of the Village Entrance proposal, there are lessons to be adopted from other cities nation-wide.

Listen to the transportation commissioner of New York City reveal how she and Mayor Bloomberg reduced traffic, improved safety and increased business revenues on the streets of New York City. Watch a re-assuring engaging humorous presentation showing results before and after, how New York City applied complete street interventions to bring these improvements.

Here's a summary of Janette's presentation:

  • City streets are a large asset hidden in plain sight
  • Update street assets quickly inexpensively and it's popular
  • Cities are global marketplace, humanity's future is the future of cities
  • Design of cities is key issue to accommodate growth
  • Today pedestrians take shelter, cars go fast as possible
  • Maximize mobility efficiency by allowing cycling and transit
  • Better mobility raises city revenues
  • Better mobility choices improve public health/fitness
  • 350,000 people (shoppers) walk through Time Square per day
  • NY Time Square used a 6-month pilot program to test ideas
  • Success is measured by good results and driven by data
  • -Pedestrian injuries down 33%
  • -Travel time down 17%
  • -Pedestrian injuries down 33%
  • -5 new flagship stores
  • -Retail rents doubled
  • Brooklyn project: sales up 172% in 3 years
  • 57 miles of dedicated bus lanes
  • 50 new pedestrian plazas
  • Build it and they will come because people flock to public space
  • Focus on how infrastructure improves quality of life
  • No need for big planning studies, no computer models
  • You need a development plan with a mission and goals
  • You need to know where going and why
  • Re-allocate automobile space to pedestrian space
  • Do bold experiments to watch results
  • Get a buy-in: show how project worked well in pilot programs
  • Get a buy-in: allow experiments for change, allow change-back
  • "More people on foot is better for business" Macy's
  • Use quick-action approach, add paint, seats, transit, cycle lanes
  • Use inexpensive removable materials to allow changes
  • NYC built first 30 miles of parking protected bike lanes
  • -They show 49% increase in business sales
  • -They show 47% decrease in commercial vacancies
  • -They show 50% reduction in street accidents
  • -64% NY approve bike lanes, politicians would enjoy poll numbers this good
  • Safety in numbers: no net increase in injuries despite increased usage
  • City Bike Share Program launched in summer of 2013
  • Dispenses 6000 bikes across NYC, average daily ridership 36,000 trips 
  • Program shows 3 million trips, 7 million miles ridden already
  • Riders are diverse as NYC, young old male female black white
  • It is possible to improve a city's major asset: the streets
  • -it's quick
  • -it's cheap
  • -results are immediate
  • -popular with people
  • re-imagine your streets they are hidden in plain-sight.

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  1. New York City election for mayor is Tuesday, Janette might be looking for a new job as a result. If you like her work, ask her to apply in Los Angeles, they are looking for a DOT director there. Come to think of it Laugna Beach could use one too. -LS