Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Let's Try a Smarter Elephant

Don't miss that title: "Automobile Dependence & Denial"

Back Cover:

"The United States has slipped car-by-car and road-by-road into a massive dependency on a transportation system which has become a public addiction. Until we kick this suicidal habit, the nation's efforts to escape dependency will be frustrated by public subsidies-the free use by motorists and the trucking industry of costly urban space and municipal services (which are far greater than generally understood)."


"The Elephant in the Bedroom not only analyzes these often ignored intertwined problems, but also outlines practical ways in which we could turn this devastating system around and start to unravel the complicated grasp on our lives held by the internal combustion engine"


Stanley Hart, civil and structural engineer, Cal Berkeley
Alvin Spivak, mechanical engineer, New York University

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