Friday, January 3, 2014

Dodge Dakota Drunks and More

First DUI of 2014 see Stu's News!
Here we go again, as we enter a new year the DUI industry kicks-into high gear. Stu-News reported today a pedestrian was hit in a crosswalk at Books and Glenneyre in the inner lane and "knocked some 30 feet" while another escaped injury. Will the driving drunk plead "I didn't see 'em"? Will the family post (ka-ching) $100,000 bail for felony DUI with injury? Meanwhile the City has contracted consultants for a Conceptual Improvement Assessment of vehicular traffic on Laguna Canyon Road including adding an HOV lane. Do vehicular improvement assessments complement the DUI industry in Laguna?  What happens if we legalize Pot in California fer-sher!    -LS

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