Thursday, January 16, 2014

OCTA Bike-Share goes LIVE in Fullerton

OCTA is the transit authority for Orange County, ( that means public transportation including bus, rail and ride-share systems throughout  Orange County ). OCTA is introducing a complementary Bike Share system in Fullerton. The bike share allows anyone with a pass to check-out a bike for unlimited a 30 minute trips for no extra charges. The pass can be purchased at these extraordinary rates:
Annual Regular Pass: $75
Annual Student Pass: $45
7 Day Pass: $12
Considering an automobile costs $8,500 per year (AAA) to own, a bike-share for Laguna Beach would be very economical and convenient for those commuters making short trips within Laguna. Every bike-trip would eliminate one car from our streets and potentially one parked car from our car-saturated neighborhoods. See the Fullerton OCTA Bike Share here.

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