Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pacific Coast Bike Route before San Clemente Planning Commission tonight

UPDATE: In a unanimous 7-0 decision the Planning Commission of San Clemente approved this project it it's entirety and recommended the project for City Council approval and adoption. The plan includes a Class I bikepath along Pacific Coast Highway. San Clemente becomes the leader in Orange County adopting Complete Streets Policy and will be the first city to enjoy a solution to traffic congestion through a balanced mobility plan.

The Planning Commission calls this project the "San Clemente Village Entrance".

From a Complete Streets advocate's perspective, 2014 promises to be a significant one for San Clemente's desire to create "a balanced multimodal transportation system for all," as resolved by our visionary City Council in Jan. 2012. Here's what's happening:

In 2010, the City applied for and received an OCTA grant to create a Class 1 protected bike/ped facility along PCH from Camino Capistrano south to Avenida Estacion, the entrance to North Beach. The project is rooted in a Complete Streets approach to transportation. That is, the public right-of-way is proposed to accommodate motor vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians so that both public safety and roadway efficiency are improved for ALL users.  

That section of roadway is part of the Pacific Coast Bike Route, which links Canada to Mexico along the Pacific Ocean.  The Route is an international resource, as people from around the globe venture to the western U.S. to bicycle enormous distances on California's Scenic Highway 1. With this grant project, the City of San Clemente has the opportunity to begin setting a high standard for a local, national, and international asset. 

The conceptual project is now before San Clemente's Planning Commission this Wednesday night. PLEASE ATTEND. 


DATE: Wed., Jan. 22
TIME: 7 pm (the item is the 1st one on the agenda, so you don't have to wait around)
LOCATION: 100 Ave. Presidio, 92672 (MAP HERE)

You DON'T need to be a San Clemente resident to have an interest in this project, as bicyclists far and wide travel the PCBR. So, please spread the word.
If you cannot attend, please email your comments to: and our Transportation Engineer, Tom Frank:

Attached to this email you'll find the City Engineer's Staff Report for the project and, to provide some context, the PEDal letter of support for the grant request.

This project is very important, especially here in OC. Please participate in the public hearing process. If all goes according to schedule, construction would begin in early 2015. 

Carpe Diem,


ps--if you'd like to join me at Pizza Port after the meeting, come with an empty tummy :)


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  1. Les and I were invited to attend and speak in support. Not only were we listened to respectfully, the Commissioners and staff began to echo some of the themes Les suggested — that being to treat many of these improvements as experiments and as is sometimes the case, changes will be made later based on experience.

    I was especially pleased to see 2 women on the Commission. They were sensitive to the perceptions of safety that mothers and children will experience as they ride the new multi-use paths.

    By far, this was the most satisfying political experience I have ever attended. Thank you for inviting me.