Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Orange County Transit Authority and OCBC are holding a workshop to teach bicycle mode integration in a mobility plan. 

Friday, April 27 · Orange County Transportation Authority, 550 S. Main St., Orange CA

Covered topics are:
  1.  California and Federal goals, policies, regulations, and laws
  2.  The role of the bicycle mode in the overall transportation system.
  3.  The rights and responsibilities of bicyclists per CVC.
  4.  Bicyclist needs and expectations as users of transportation facilities;
  5.  Safety, mobility and access issues
  6.  Maintaining bicyclist safety, mobility and access through work zones.
  7.  Applying “best practices” to maximize bicyclist safety 
  8.  Supporting California’s “Complete Streets” policy.  details at OCBC.

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