Monday, April 23, 2012

Who uses Laguna's streets?

Some people blame 4-7 million tourists for all the traffic congestion and lack of parking in Laguna Beach. City government cannot write meaningful circulation policy and planning commissions cannot plan effectively without a good answer including measurable data.

Vehicular traffic measurements would answer the question but how do we measure traffic? A comprehensive city-wide vehicle traffic study is unavailable and expensive to perform, but moving violations and parking citations are both comprehensive, city-wide and give a good estimation of who drives our streets and uses street parking. The next four Histograms show  
  • Laguna residents contribute the greatest share of street users
  • Laguna residents bear the greatest burden of vehicle fines
  • Probability is 65 % the guy in your LB parking space is from OC
  • Probability is 59 % the guy driving in front of you is from OC    

(Reproduced from CSTF 8 March 2011 presentation)

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