Monday, April 30, 2012

Laguna Beach where we're special

This is a 2010 bike route map published by the Orange County Transit Authority. The purple lines are Class I separated bike lanes (best), the red lines are Class II on-road painted bike lanes (better), the blue lines are Class III on-road signed bike routes (cheapest, worthless as safety devices).  The March 1 2012 revised map shows no improvement, the Class III signed bike route does not in fact exist in Laguna Beach.  Considering the bike lane improvements made by every other city in Orange County, when will Laguna Beach "get-it"?


  1. This cruiser is what happens when you mix a classical-styled bicycle with a vibrant color pallet Hermosa Beach.

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  2. I don't see much movement in the bike friendliness of Laguna in the last decade, would love to see this change, if you can, please post any voting instructions when you got them, Laguna needs a different crowd at the helm.

    Small town bones of Laguna are good, with good ped/bike infra, Laguna could truly be a paradise.

  3. Bingo! You are very perceptive to see the reluctance to change has political origins not financial or technical. The problems to solve are systemic and structural with no courage from city government to tackle them. There is plenty of proof in the archives of this Blog to support that assertion and more on the way. As for voting instructions, I'm looking for a written commitment from candidates to tackle this subject. So far there are none. If you want change for the better, don't vote for business-as-usual incumbents, that's a safe bet.

  4. In fairness to the city of Laguna Beach there are now bike route signs on Cypress Drive and Monterey and Sharrow symbols on Cypress Drive. That is the extent of non-motorized infrastructure installed lately.

  5. This is a great post! Thanks!

    There is a petition for bike lanes in Laguna Bch: