Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why Bicyclists support Local Business

Bikes can mean big business, and businesses are beginning to realize it. From a bike Summit on the economic boost cycling can provide cities,
speakers highlighted another strong message cyclists can bring politicians when making their case for investment in bike/ped facilities.

  • Business owners resist bike infrastructure fearing it will limit parking
  • Reconsider a car space alternatively accommodates 12 bikes
  • Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster: “I see parts of the city on my bike that I would never even notice if I was just driving."
  • Cyclists travel at “human-scale speed” that allows them to “stop and buy something.”
  • Car-free living means a $6,000 savings per year for other purchases
  • Only 16% of household car expenses remain withing local economy
  • Downtowns turning car lanes over to people can be a great moneymaker, like bike-friendly businesses in Long Beach
  • Times Square a stunning success, how to pedestrianize the most pedestrian-heavy place in America
  • Make a Main Street more vibrant add bikes and peds, -Economides
  • “It adds more eyes and ears to the street, so it makes it safer. You do want to attract women and moms. We’re a pretty important shopping base.”

    Many examples of bicycling spurring economic revitalization, Rory Robinson of the National Park Service.   
Article D.C. Streets Blog

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