Friday, January 25, 2013

Balanced Mobility, 24 Steps in 65 Pages

In his book "The Car and the City" Alan Thein During examines the conditions leading to urban sprawl, and takes issue with the car/city mixture when the "sheer proliferation of cars is damaging the viability of cities." In 65 condensed pages During gives residents, planners and officials 24 steps to a balanced mobility plan, quick enough to grasp on a single bus-ride.  Step 13) Calm Traffic. In 1994 Portland Oregon residents put a fleet of 450 brightly painted bicycles on city streets quickly inspiring imitators in Salem and Victoria B.C. to do the same. Step 18) Sell Insurance by the Slice. Sell insurance by the mile to encourage auto drivers to consider alternative wheels. Step 20) Use parking meter proceeds for neighbourhood funds. Re-direct parking meter money from city hall to the neighbourhood that keeps the parking meter. Spend the money on neighbourhood improvements not city expenses.  "The Car and the City" by Alan Thein During at Amazon Books.

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