Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nobody Walks in LA

You won't see a cop walkin’ on the beat
You only see him drivin’ cars on the street
You won't see a kid walkin’ home from school
Their mothers pick them up in a car pool
“Nobody walks in LA” — refrain and motto? from 80's punk band Missing Persons (story Studio 360).

Los Angeles resident Alissa Walker makes her living writing about urban planning and architecture. She gave up her car six years ago and she walks, bikes, and uses public transit. And she’s not alone: a national study used by city planners estimates that 17% of all trips in Los Angeles County are made on foot.

Alissa adopted a car-free lifestyle in a life-changing moment when visiting Italy. "When I got to Italy, I walked directly off the train and into a gelateria, where a single serving of pistachio and stracciatella con brioche changed my life. The more gelato I ate, the more stories poured out of my fingers and into my laptop. Coincidence? I think not. I returned to LA knowing two things I didn’t know before: I really wanted to be a writer and I really loved gelato."-Alissa Walker, Gilatobaby.

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