Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ten Year Old Founder of Re-Cycler Start-up

Vanis Buckholz riding his CdM Recycler route
As founder and president and head picker of the Re “Cycle” er recyling business, 10 year old Vanis stops at the OASIS center several times each week, picking up plastic water bottles and loading them into a bicycle trailer he recently received as a birthday gift.  Vanis, a Harbor View fourth-grader, was invited to speak to the Council about his Re “Cycle” er business that he founded at age 7 after learning about Earth Day at school. “I was really surprised at how much stuff we threw away,” Vanis told the Council. Vanis was recognized by Mayor Cliff Curry in a presentation before the Newport Beach City Council “I love my job and my customers,” he said. “If you see me around town doing my job, feel free to toss a water bottle in my trailer.” Mayor Curry presented Vanis with a special Newport Beach pin before his presentation. Read the full story at Corona Del Mar Today and leave Vanis and family your comment.

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