Monday, August 27, 2012

Business Potential from Laguna Bike Tourism

In a research study currently underway at Portland State University researchers are examining how trasportation choices determine consumer behavior and the bottom-line for retailers. A recent report compares consumer purchases for shopping trips made on foot, by bike, using transit and cars. Here are some results for shopping trips made by bicycle:

"Research into the (business) benefits of recreational bicycling and bicycle  tourism has tracked expenditures directly related to bicycle equipment or to travel related food and lodging. A study of the Outer Banks in North Carolina estimates that tourists who come to the area specifically for bicycling generate approximately $60 million a year for the local economy, nine times the cost of constructing the bicycle facilities in the area (2). More than half of the visitors on the Greenbrier River Trail in West Virginia spend more than $100 per visit and most come from out of state (3). According to a recent study, the revenue
generated by recreational cyclists and by bicycle tourism in Wisconsin amounts to nearly $1 billion annually (4).Colorado similarly estimates the impact of cycling by out-of-state tourists and active residents at $1 billion (5)."

What is the business potential for out-of-town cyclists visiting Laguna? Read the progress made thus far in "Examining Consumer Behavior and Travel Choices", Kelly Clifton Associate Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering, Portland State University. (The TR News article "Business Cycles, Catering to the Bicycle Market" is linked from this article). Researchers anticipate a final comprehensive report by year end 2012.

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