Thursday, August 9, 2012

Citizens Bike Safety Meeting, Newport Beach

Our neighbour city to the north is forging ahead with street improvements that meet Complete Streets objectives. The summer meeting was lightly attended by the audience but did not distract the committee from making significant progress. Here are some highlights

  • NB's Public Works Brad Sommers submitted plans to Cal Trans for the intersection at Newport Coast and 73 Toll Road.
  • Sharrows installation on Pacific Coast Highway in Corona del Mar will include a public outreach effort using a digital banner to educate drivers prior to installation. Banner slogans include "The Sharrows are Coming" and "Bikes May Use Full Lane".
  • Committee member Tony Petros prepared NBPD bicycle collision data in Newport for a striking presentation. The data show a collision corridor from Newport Heights to the boardwalk and the 3 worst intersections.
  • NB’s Communications Tara Finigan will speak to her peers in the City of Long Beach to gather ideas for the public outreach effort.
  • A proposal before the city is to widen Newport Blvd at Via Lido to 6 lanes. Mayor Gardner will invite PW Director Steve Badum to present the proposal to the Committee next month.
  • A public Bike Share system is proposed for NB, the committee will host a presentation by a private company invited by Mayor Gardner.

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  1. It's taken some time, but we're gathering momentum, like a Laguna Beach cyclist heading into town...