Friday, August 17, 2012

Heritage Fields plans for 10,000 more homes

Our city government did nothing while Heritage Fields planned for 5000 new homes and Altura's 753 homes (I read 4000 elsewhere). Our city attorney Mr. Kohn (a non-resident) is paid $560,000 for legal services to represent Laguna Beach but must excuse himself from this issue because he also serves for the opposing side. Now we must hire another impartial attorney to hear the issue.

Meanwhile the traffic consultant plans for a parking garage and shuttle to absorb some of those 100,000 new trips. And the best part, Laguna resident Michael Ray and board member of the Great Park (talk about conflict of interest) says the Great Park will be such a tourist magnet that our tourists will just trade places with their tourists and presto, auto congestion in Laguna Beach "will-be-a-wash". No more parking problem.

You can't make this up, this must be Laguna Beach. Here's another example where traffic solutions (proposed by experts) based on a car modality alone will never solve traffic troubles in Laguna Beach. Read the Independent on-line "Laguna Protests More Irvine Homes"        -LS


  1. It isn't 10,000 MORE homes, it is 10,000 total. It is also a reduction of non-residential square footage, so it is a "wash." On 2,000 acres, 10,000 homes is nothing with regards to density. People are getting spun up for no reason, no single project will impact Laguna Beach.

  2. Silly me, and I thought it was just 10,000 new homes. And the kicker is this beauty: "no single project will impact Laguna Beach" with thinking like that maybe Heritage is building a drive-in theatre too.