Monday, August 6, 2012

Roads Chase Rules

1935: (1) All persons have a right to use the road for purpose of passage.  (All users have rights)
1946: (1) The Highway Code is a set of common sense provisions for the guidance and safety of all who use the roads. Consideration for others as well as for yourself is the keynote of the Code. Remember that you have responsibilities as well as rights.  (Add user responsibilities)
1954: The road use on foot. (1) Where there is a pavement or footpath, use it.  (Pedestrians beware)
Highway engineers have a confession to make: compared to new road vehicles their design manuals are out-of-date and necessarily so are the roads. You see, transportation engineering itself is a new experimental science and road users are its test rodents.  Here is a book that cites rules from early highway code guides, notice how emphasis of the first Rule changes as time passes. Complete Streets Policy emphasizes a balanced and safe accommodation for all road users, in time road conditions will catch-up to the new rules.

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