Monday, August 6, 2012

Bike Racks come to Council Vote

This  city staff report shows 32 locations for installation of bike racks in the downtown area and park locations. It is noteworthy  that bike racks were not assigned to locations of high traffic areas like banks, the Post Office, schools, coffee cafes or City Hall. Instead four prime locations were flagged as "NOT RECOMMENDED" due to considerations made by city officials. The locations are:
  • Starbucks (2)
  • Post Office
  • Sawdust Festival
  • Albertsons Market
Two high traffic locations were included
  • Bus Transit Depot
  • PD FD
Balanced mobility for Laguna Beach is achieved by giving commuters alternatives to driving the automobile. Bike racks should be located where they are visible to street users, a reminder to consider alternatives to driving a car. Put an artistic rack in front of City Hall, that would spare some parking spaces and show city commitment to balanced mobility. Hiding bike racks behind obstructions or merely dedicating them to sport riders at remote city parks will not serve their greater purpose.

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